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Do You Have Home Repairs You Need Done - We Are Here For You!

In the past decade, there has been a movement to do your home repairs your self.  The number of people taking part in the DIY movement has been fed by the easy access to materials, tools and online videos describing issues. This has been great for people as they do learn some valuable skills to help maintain their home.

However, there are some things that you either may not have the time, skills or desire to DIY.  You may realize that you need tools you do not have which will add to the cost and eliminate any savings from hiring a professional.  You also do not get any sort of warranty with your own work.  At Highmark we are here for you and offer professional work at affordable pricing.

Check out some of the Home Repair services we offer:

Siding Repairs

Over time your siding can incur damage from age, moister and weather conditions.   The siding is made to keep the exterior of your home water resistant while at the same time give it an appealing appearance.   Damaged siding can affect both of these traits and can cause you to have an expensive repair or a lower selling price if you are looking to sell your home.

Roofing Repairs

If the roof of your home or business is old or has been damaged by weather, bugs, or other outside factors, we can help! Our experts provide roof repair in the Lower Mainland  quickly and professionally.  Protecting your building from further damages and you from the inconvenience of leaks, cold temperatures, and more.

Door Repairs

We offer a wide range of door repair services to have you covered for every situation that arises in your home or office. From simple wear and tear of doors, to a full range of emergency door repairs.


Does your tub have bad caulking? Is water dripping behind your walls or under your floors? You could be facing serious wood and wallboard damage! You may even run into leaking in your basement or downstairs ceiling. 

Fixture Installation

Are your bathroom fixtures begging to be updated? Whether you want to add brand new light fixtures or upgrade your faucet and showerhead, Mr. Handyman is your one-call solution. We can add the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom, giving it that elegant, complete look you’ve always wanted.

Tile Repair & Installation

Tired of the chipped tile in your shower? Want to add a new backsplash design to your bathroom? Mr. Handyman is the right fit for the job! Our home improvement professionals can install new tiles throughout your entire space or repair broken ones to give your bathroom that finished look you’ve always wanted. 

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